Finding the edge that gets you one inch closer to better

The stuff of Legends

Unwavering focus, raging will, unbreakable heart and soul. The very things that drive an athlete to greatness, inspired our Legends story. Years of pro sports had taken a toll on former NBA player, Antonio Harvey. For Harvey, pride came from doing the work, and his body paid the price. And while his competitive career was ending, his desire to perform at his highest level was not.

Determined to rise from the hurt, Harvey gathered an elite team of pro athletes, trainers, scientists and medical professionals to find healthier ways to manage the strenuous wear and tear of sports. The Legends brand was born. Our vision: to help athletes reach their fitness goals, free of pain, and free of the harmful effects of over-the-counter and prescription pain-killers.


A better way to be your best

Legends products are created from the highest quality hemp derived CBD to aid athletes at every stage of training: before, during, and after your workout. Uniquely formulated for metabolic efficiency, Legends products fit your active lifestyle. Wellness first, performance that’s second to none. Get ready to raise your game.

Focused Effect

Scientifically engineered for athletes.

Getting in shape and partaking in physical activities can take its toll on the human body. This is especially true with competitive sports.  Many athletes now use CBD oil for a variety of reasons, of course, the most common reason given is to support recovery after a hard workout or rough day on the field or court.  We felt there was something better, so we enlisted sports nutritionist, food scientist, athletes, and trainers, to develop a line of products engineered with cutting edge sports supplements, and enhanced with the healing power of CBD.



Sourcing only the highest quality.


To further our mission of creating the world’s best CBD products, we choose our partners very carefully. After extensive due-diligence, our team decided to partner with some of the best growers, manufacturers, and distributors of hemp-derived phytocannabinoids in the U.S. 

Legends Founders


Antonio Harvey

Legend & Chief Executive Officer

Twenty-five years of  playing, coaching and broadcasting professional sports has given Antonio Harvey true insight into what drives some of the world’s greatest athletes. His unique understanding of the athletic mindset has helped shape Legends into a brand that inspires the athlete in us all.


Tony Bash

Chief Operating Officer

A successful career of creating brands and products for new and existing companies has made Tony an internationally recognized marketing expert. His knowledge of staffing, business development and multi-million dollar fundraising provide a winning game plan to the Legends team.

Charlie Harrell

Charles Harrell

Chief Legal Officer

Charles Harrell comes to Legends with nearly 20 years of legal expertise. His career of advising businesses of all sizes, from small and family owned businesses to multi-state and multi- national corporations, on all legal aspects of operations guides our team on a proven track for success.

jay jensen 2

Jay Jenson

Trainer & Sports Medicine Expert

BS in Health & Physical Education, BS in Physical Therapy,
Certified Athletic Trainer in Collegiate Sports, the NFL and the NBA

Jay Jenson brings 30+ years of medical expertise to the Legends team. While working with collegiate and pro teams, he has seen firsthand the prevalence of opioid addiction among elite athletes, and the toll it takes on performance. Like many of his industry peers, Jay believes in the power of cannabis for pain management and sees it as a natural alternative to the devastating effects of opioids.